Sydney Studio Accommodation Rooms

SydneyStudioAccommodation Affordable Studio Apartments remains at the forefront of quality and luxury for studio living in Sydney. The newly constructed building was designed to maximize the space for the residents. Each room is equipped with its own Kitchenette and Bathroom, ensuring your needs are met at all times. Don’t be forced to share spaces with anyone else. Use your spaces the way you want it, when you want it. No roommates to dispute, never clean up other people’s mess. Have complete privacy at all times in our Studio Accommodation.

Every room is already fully furnished with some of the best furniture available on the market. Only quality and luxurious furniture has been used in all our rooms. Adaptable bedding has allowed the residents to maximize the space in their rooms. All rooms have been fully furnished with only the highest quality Ikea Furniture. Designed to combine comfort with ergonomics every piece has been thought out to maximize the resident’s quality of living.

The bathrooms in Sydney Studio Accommodation have been designed in harmony of both aesthetics and function. All utilities are of the highest quality to ensure your experience is refined. Already provided with all utensils, pottery, towels, bed sheets, appliances and furniture, our studio rooms are ready to move in straight away, with nothing else required. Move in today into our accommodation with everything you need already provided including the appliances, furniture, linen, towels and utensils. Sydney Accommodation is equipped every room with a combination fridge/freezer, microwave, electric cooktop, washing machine and dryer.

Equipped with Fiber Optic High Speed Wi-Fi Internet, all your data and download needs will be satisfied. Our Free Wifi Internet provided in every room has unlimited data and over 100MBps download speeds. All water and electricity utilities are included in the rent, never worry about another bill again. Combination Washer and Dryer have been installed in every room to make it even easier for our guests. A smart TV has been installed in every room. Each television has already been installed with Netflix to make it easier for your use.